Shell Beach Surf Shop rents surfboards, stand up paddle boards, bodyboards, wetsuits, and classic beach cruiser bicycles for you to enjoy the beach life.
We provide a complete line of wetsuits for women, men, and children to make you comfortable while looking back on land.


Soft Top Surfboard – $30/day
Hard Top Surfboard – $50/day
Stand Up Paddle Board – $25 Hour/$80 Day
Bodyboard – $30/day
Wetsuit – $30/day
Beach Cruisers – $30/day, $50/day for a tandem

Tax is included in the price of the rental.


All Rentals – Require a valid credit card with photo identification for a deposit.
All Day Rental – Board must be returned by closing or by same time on the following day.
Half Day Rental – Board must be returned within four hours of rental.
Hourly Rental – Charged for every hour board is out.
Over Night Rental – From 5pm to 10am. Board must be returned at 10am exactly, or customer will be charged for a day rental. Any time after 10am will be charged by the hour.
Please return surfboards and boogie boards free of sand and other debris. Wetsuits free of sand and turned right side out. This may entail rinsing the suit off in a public shower or hose. Any equipment returned sandy or unclean will be charged a $5.00 cleaning fee.
Rental boards have been prepared for your use, they do not require wax.

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