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Shell Beach Surf Shop Surf School and Lessons

The best way to get surf instruction on the Central Coast. Shell Beach Surf School provides high quality surf instruction for all levels of surfers.

Shell Beach Surf Shop Travels

We're a shop that covets great surf travel. We organize two yearly trips to amazing international surf spots. Take a look at some of our past trips!

Shell Beach Surf Shop Inside the Shop

We invite you down to our shop to discover our great products; from Patagonia to Shell Beach Surf Shop brand. We have a great selection of goods for everybody!

Shell Beach Surf Shop 2015 Movie Night

Movie Nights & Dates

Please take note of the dates and times of our upcoming Surf Movie Nights

Strange Rumblings - May 23rd, 2015 Movie Night movie selection for Shell Beach Surf Shop.

May 2015

Join Shell Beach Surf Shop for our first Movie Night of 2015, featuring the movie "Strange Rumblings" and taking place right in front of the shop (okay it's a little to the left of the shop, in the courtyard next to Shell Beach Surf Shop. Movie takes place on Saturday May 23rd, 2015 and starts at approximately sundown. Bring some chairs and blankets and let's have another awesome summer of watching surf movies!

Cluster - July 25th, 2015 Movie Night movie selection for Shell Beach Surf Shop.

July 2015

Join us for our third movie night of 2015 featuring the movie "Cluster" and taking place on Saturday July 25th, 2015. The movie starts at approximately sundown and let's be ready to have some fun tonight. As always, the movie will be shown in the courtyard right to the left of Shell Beach Surf Shop!

Innersection - June 27th, 2015, 2015 Movie night movie selection for Shell Beach Surf Shop

June 2015

Innersection looks to be an awesome Taylor Steele movie which as always will feature some groundbreaking surfing with his per usual artistic elements. This movie night will take place on Saturday June 27th, 2015, right next to the shop in the courtyard and will be start right near sundown! Click HERE to see the July 2015 - Innersection Movie Flyer.

Rampage and The Fisherman's Son - August 29th, 2015 Movie Night movie selection for Shell Beach Surf Shop.

August 2015

We're bringing back a last year hit for the August 2015 Movie Night that will specifically take place Saturday August 29th, 2015 and as always, at the shop, right in the courtyard and near sundown. Join us for one of the final movie nights of 2015, come out for the always beautiful August weather and let's have some fun!

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Eclipse Twin Fin Fish

"Eclipse" Single Fin
6'1" x 20.75" 2.88"


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Sunray Sun Hat ($48) + Body Glove "Lily" Dress ($76)

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Lobos Del Mar hat ($60) + SBSS T-Shirt ($28.99) + Cypress Boardshort ($68.99)